The Greater of Evils

In a two-party political system, there is no crisis of conscience in voting for the lesser of two evils when to vote for the lesser of three evils would make one complicit in empowering the greater of evils.


Beloved American Christians, keep reading. This was written especially for my sweet, younger brothers and sisters who have not yet had the benefit of the wisdom God often ministers with age. Be assured it was written in love and deep concern for you and in hope for your children – God’s heritage.


Outraged by the breaking of the promise, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” My husband and I decided to send a message to the Republican Party. We were joined by many other indignant Christians who voted for an independent candidate who shared our outrage, Ross Perot. Our naive, emotionally-motivated folly split the Christian/conservative voting block, which handed the presidency to William Jefferson Clinton on a silver platter. Since 1992, Atheist Socialists have been sending us this message: We’ve spent the last century infiltrating education, media, the tax code and the Judiciary. Government serves the will of your rulers because your rulers have become stronger than the governed.

Horrified at the outcome of our Perot vote, we rolled up our sleeves, joined The Christian Coalition, and got busy in local politics. After a decade there, God called us to changing the electorate “one heart at a time”, through the Church. For several years, my husband stepped up as our lay pastor when our head pastor moved to Malawi, Africa to start a Christian seminary. You can be sure our congregation got straightforward teachings on the application of Biblical principles to the stewardship of our country.

As my children grew up, they became well acquainted with the voice of Dr. James Dobson pleading over the radio waves, for Christians to wake up to the war being waged against our Biblical foundations. Sometimes I wondered how Dr. Dobson put his feet on the floor, each morning, only to face defeat after defeat in the causes of Christ across our culture.

Today, I’m glad I know that the gates of hell will not prevail against the kingdom of God.   ‘Cause after a quarter century of shoveling Truth against the tide, it doesn’t look like God’s team is winning.

Meanwhile, an appalling majority of American pulpits have voluntarily muzzled themselves with political correctness while playing the tune of Nero’s fiddle.

Please learn from our costly lessons on our two-party system:

1) The opportunity to vote your conscience ends with the primaries. I counted it a pure joy to examine the records of all the admirable Christians who ran in the 2016 primaries.   I voted for the one whom I considered to have the best track record of compliance with God’s will, in person and in policy. In the end, however, our countrymen picked political outsider, Donald Trump — largely because of the betrayal of our 2014 Republican majority in the Congress.

2) Atheist Socialists have been warring against our Biblical heritage for decades. Christians began losing in the 1930s when the collectivist theories of Secular Humanist John Dewey became celebrated by American educators. We continued to lose in the 1960s when a progressive majority of Supreme Court justices outlawed prayer and Bible study in public schools. Our foundations trembled with the introduction of The Great Society that would systematically destroy the two-parent family by using its income to promote single parenthood thereby cultivating a dependent voting block submissive to government. We suffered a catastrophic blow in the 1970s with the legalization of murder for voiceless Americans in the womb. We lost in 2012 when Christians wouldn’t turn out for a moral but moderate Mormon. Lately, we lost with the redefinition of marriage and the federal enforcement of childhood gender confusion.

3) Christians lost the 2016 Republican Primary when we failed to have a plan for all the candidates to unite behind the Christian front-runner. We lost when Carson swallowed the bait to take offense at a meaningless infraction. We lost when Jindal, Santorum, Huckabee and Rubio didn’t shift all their resources to Cruz when he emerged as the most viable Christian in the field. There was a glimmer of hope in Carly, but it was too little, too late. We lost, as we always do, when the body of Christ did not preserve unity or guard each other’s backs.


Today, young Christians and naïve pastors are astonished to discover that we are left with two, very flawed, candidates for president. If you expected any less, I recommend you skim a copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (mindful that new chapters are being written by Islamists every day), open to any page of The Black Book of Communism, or just read the book of Acts. These volumes suggest that the delicate sensibilities of many American Christians presume a level of personal safety that is unrealistic when examined in the light of history. We, and our children, were born into Satan’s prison yard, after all, and his fury against us rises with the passing of each year.

The Apostle Paul applies this verse from Psalm 44 to the Christians of the early Church:

As it is written: “for Your sake we face death all day long;

We are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”

Romans 8:36, NIV


I believe our Christian founders, sought God, consulted His Word, and crafted a stay of execution for their progeny through our Constitution. It will be a benefit in great peril if Mrs. Clinton becomes our next president.

In October of 2016, young Christians, very like my husband and I in 1992, step out of their churches, sniff the repugnant stench of vice and pronounce, “We cannot, in good conscience, vote for either the Republican or the Democrat candidates.” This I know, all the hordes of hell are roaring with laughter at you, as they roared with laughter at us, 24 years ago. They know, if you don’t change your minds, and vote for the lesser of two evils, they will get to gloat over yet another win for those who stand against God.

“The lesser of two evils is still evil,” so the argument goes. Where, on the face of this tired, fallen, planet does degree of evil not matter? Is there a sin-free zone everyone else knows about? Are y’all holding out on me? Near as I can tell, unless Jesus is running, voting is always a matter of degree. In November, distinguishing between two evils is our only responsibility.  And, yes. Even given the choice between Stalin and Hitler, this Christian would vote for Hitler. Stalin was responsible for the death of 23 million human beings. Hitler, 12 million. Degree surely would have mattered to the 11 million individual human beings who would have lived. In fact, if you consider the slaughter of the pre-born members of our species, these astounding numbers are multiples.

When it comes to the intentions of the Living God for the order of human kind, Clinton has a record of consistent, defiant, rebellion going all the way back to Wellesley College. For those who can find the story, WikiLeaks is only confirming the tale her policies have always told. She considers Christians irksome obstacles to the consolidation of her power. Beyond that, leadership of the free world being too trivial for their ambitions, Obama and Clinton have used the assets of our nation, including our labor and the future labor of our children and grand-children, as nothing more than the capital needed to purchase seats at the table of Global power. How much favor did Obama just buy in gifting our World Wide Web to the United Nations? How long will it take global tyrants to shut down the largest venue for free speech and free trade the world has ever seen?

Trump, however, is an unknown quantity. While he may not be for us, at this point he is clearly less committed to standing against us. I, for one, will dance to the polls to cast a vote for a candidate who claims pro-life status. At least Trump’s platform wasn’t purchased with Planned Parenthood’s blood money from the raffled body parts of aborted babies or booty from Islamist Jihadists who regularly hack off the heads of Christ-followers, and recognize in Clinton an opportunity to invade our infidel nation with a visa. How did you suppose Clinton would repay the foreign “enemies of democracy” who have helped turn Obama’s Secretary of State into a fantastically wealthy multi-millionaire? Trump’s millions have no such debts attached.

In fact, after the last debate, amid the upturned noses of my fellow Christians, and in full remembrance of my own wretched, pre-salvation condition, I suspect that Trump is likely the only candidate who could actually beat Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine any of the more Godly candidates soiling their Sunday shoes to chase Hillary down the sewer where she has always found refuge from us? As a non-Christian, Trump is not restrained from going toe to toe with her in the muck of corrupt, sinful humanity and he is not shocked by it. As a carnal man, he is empowered by it.

You can be absolutely certain Hillary has not forgotten that dividing the Christian/conservative vote was the single biggest factor in the election of her husband.   October surprises are outrageous and shocking because their only objective is to outrage and shock and they can’t be disproven before the election. If Trump is vindicated in December and Hillary gets elected in November, we all lose. She is betting that as fall follows summer, atheist socialist victories follow October Surprises.

As a mortal, I am not responsible for seeing into the future, only learning from the past. Today, I have shared those lessons with you, my cherished younger brothers and sisters, or those older saints engaging in politics for the first time. Trump may turn out to be Hitler, but Hitler would be 11 million deaths better than Stalin. Degree of evil matters. A third-party vote would surely deliver the presidency to a corrupt and godless woman who has consistently stood against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.

Until we have performed the long, tedious work necessary to provide a viable alternative party for conservatives and Christians to run to, and until we have more fully infiltrated the media, there will always be a stench hanging over America. So for today, this Christian is a loud and proud supporter of Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton’s record reveals far more sympathy for Muslim Jihadists and Atheist Socialists than it does for her Christian countrymen.   The Supreme Court Justices she chooses will reflect her bigotry against us. In that case, you can be sure your constitutional right to freedom of conscience will cease to exist. Ironic.

This political cycle finds me deliberate in putting policy over personality.   This sinner will vote for Trump in good conscience and sleep like a baby the night of November 8TH. If Trump is elected, I will pray for God to give him the wisdom to lead us. I will pray for Trump’s favor on the body of Christ. I will pray for Holy Spirit inspired judicial choices. I will pray for Trumps salvation.


In a Two-Party Political System, there is no crisis of conscience in voting for the lesser of two evils when to vote for the lesser of three evils would make one complicit in empowering the greater of evils.


Please, don’t let October surprises make you complicit in putting another Clinton in the Whitehouse. This is a moment to be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. You can vote for Trump and maintain a clean conscience. So vote for the lesser of TWO evils — and bring your whole church!


“… for whoever is not against us is for us. I tell you the truth,

anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because

you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.”

– Jesus (Mark 9:40&41, NIV)