I spent yesterday in intercession for my country. I asked my Father to give me the attention He affords to those who demonstrate their spiritual citizenship by setting aside, for a few hours, the tug of natural things.   I joined the Saints who grasp the true nature of our battle for America. I joined those who place their hope in the faithfulness of a patient Father longing for the return of His many beloved prodigals.


I broke my fast at sunset to enjoy a hardy meal and a glass of wine with my husband as we watched our countrymen meet their responsibility to decide whom to fuel-up for the long trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh, Iowa Republicans! How well placed is our faith in you today!


This morning I woke with a long-dormant stirring of hopeful expectation. After decades of fighting darkness with a dimming flame, last night in Iowa, I saw a bright surge like a fading ember with a breath from heaven.   We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Christians KNOW our battle is not against men, but against men motivated by rebellion to God’s intention for humanity. The conjoined monsters of Socialism and Communism suckle from the beasts of Envious Greed. When they come of age, they ravage a nation through institutionalized theft. No country can promote the breaking of two out of Ten Commandments and hope for the blessing of their Author. Beyond that, all forms of political collectivism rob each of us of our birthright as unique masterpieces conceived in the mind of the Alpha and the Omega of artists and born by His breath.   Collectivism clears a path for genocide as the zeniths of God’s creation view one another as refuse and begin its disposal.  But the monster’s keepers were with the Democrats last night.


I offer this, thank-you, as a written embrace to every citizen who backed Ted Cruz, Dr. Carson, Marco Rubio or Rick Santorum. They are men who understand the nature of our warfare.


I applaud Iowa Republicans for the wisdom to place Ted Cruz on the top of the list of exceptional candidates. Well done, my fellow countrymen. How brightly you burned on Monday. Well done!