Regarding the Resettlement of Muslim Refugees

The following is a copy of an email I sent to my good governor when I heard she was considering accepting federal funding in exchange for accepting Syrian Refugees. Please note my valiant effort to remain respectful in the face of such striking self-evidence.

Some number of the tens of thousands of Muslim refugees the Obama regime intends to resettle in America will become radicalized and will murder Americans. This is a historical and statistical certainty which tends to make Muslim refugees poor neighbors. It also inspires curiosity as to why any state politician would welcome even one more of them to anywhere other than GTMO.  Federal funding, perhaps?  Sadly, federal funding does little to make Muslim refugees more attractive to infidel communities. As potential infidel victims, we would like to know if federal funding can re-attach our heads?   I’d like to point out that federal funding failed to regenerate the limbs of the amputees of the Boston Marathon Massacre or resurrect the dead. While President Obama’s well-documented compassion for the plight of non-infidels is moving, might I suggest accepting only fully vetted CHRISTIAN refugees. As you may have noted, Muslims are raping and slaughtering them throughout the Middle East. Christian refugees may be more likely to be thankful for the opportunity to keep breathing or be delivered from a life of sex slavery in the service of barbarians. Then, too, it is unlikely that they would ever be inclined to cut off our heads or explode a bomb at one of our many public events. I hope this sheds a little light on perspectives you may have overlooked.   Respectfully, Kerry Johnson

Author of “My Duty to Offend, Hurting Your Feelings to Save Your Country”