Shoot back.


While our President uses yet another national tragedy as a platform to make his case to disarm his law abiding countrymen, his law abiding countrymen are asking themselves the glaringly obvious question he always seems to miss even when it’s on the platform with him:  Why didn’t any of the members of the Emanuel AME Church avail themselves of the opportunity to legally carry a firearm so they could have shot back during one of the FIVE TIMES the shooter was reported to have reloaded?

Here in South Carolina, it is legal to conceal carry if you have a current permit and permission from the leadership of the Church you attend. It is tragic that no one took the shooter out before his evil intentions had claimed 9 innocent lives. What makes it more heart breaking is that, legally, they could have.

Sadly, this latest domestic massacre is a fine example of what happens when people buy into President Obama’s kindergarten level gun control policy.

To quote a hero from Louis L’Amour’s novel, Over on the Dry Side: “I don’t want trouble or expect trouble, but I don’t want to be found dead because I was optimistic.”

Perhaps what we need, Mr. President, are fewer gun-free zones. In South Carolina in the future, I’ll bet there’ll be fewer of them in churches. Pretending it doesn’t exist is not an effective way to handle evil. Rational adults leave pretending to their preschoolers.