In 1812, The Brothers Grimm published a disturbing little fairytale about a pair of unfortunate siblings. It seems their parents could not afford to feed them so they abandoned them, deep in the woods, in the hopes that they would not find their way back home. Exhausted from wondering and nearly starved to death, Hansel and his sister, Gretel, discover a house made of cookies, cake and candy. The house belongs to a wicked witch who uses the sweets to lure the children so she can capture and cannibalize them. Oh, my.

While I still believe that state and federal welfare programs were conceived in the hearts of well-intentioned lawmakers moved to compassion by the desperate circumstances known as the Great Depression, I presume no such honorable intentions from modern day entitlement pushers.

In the 1930s the hope was for women and children to abandon redistributed handouts as their husbands and fathers eventually found work and regained their place as family providers. By the 1950s, however, it was becoming apparent that welfare was, in fact, promoting the destruction of the two-parent family as the provision and moral authority of fathers was becoming obsolete in welfare dependent communities.   By the 1960s, as the stigma of single-motherhood and government dependency evaporated, women who wanted babies chose to have them with no intention of personal responsibility for the economic support of them.

In spite of the crumbling American family, lawmakers have been reluctant to correct the welfare system to promote repair of the two-parent household.   Why? Because nothing has empowered the ruling class more than driving fathers out of the home. Single mothers know full well which institution collects the funds that are redistributed to themselves and their children. They also know which party within that institution promotes the expansion of redistributive practices. That party now has a tyrant at its head protected by seven minions on the Supreme Court.

He sets out cookies and candy to lure children across our southern boarder — there is only one condition: they must come as orphans. So, without the comfort of a mother or the protection of a father, they come. Some number of them will become part of the sex trade. Some will die. Statistically, about 80% of the girls will be raped on their journey.

The warm fuzzy title of “Dreamers” is a thinning veil over the putrid stench of an institution so foul; it creates orphans to feed its power. For if single mothers know to serve the hand that feeds, how much more easily will a frightened, victimized, abandoned child be trained to do so?

Welcome to America, little Hansel and Gretel. Gorge your empty bellies on sweet treats. America is the land of free lunches and benevolent tyrants.   No ravenous witches here. No Grimm plans.  Just gumdrops and lollypops forever.