Below is a portion of a letter I sent to all the South Carolina, Republican congressmen.

Honorable Rep. Sanford,

I know this letter is “singin’ to the choir,” but I want my singin’ on the record.

John Boehner’s departure is long over due. There is cause for rejoicing as the old saying, “better late than never” may still hold true. There is plenty of outrage, outside DC.  Another establishment, progressive who facilitates one-party rule will not appease South Carolinians. Regarding a replacement, Republican constituents will probably be the last to know. So, preemptively, please give us no less then a member of the Freedom Caucus as Speaker. We are seeking an authentic, principled, Constitutional Conservative who will use his power to restore liberty, shrink government, push down spending, start honorably paying debt, enforce our borders, suspend immigration for people groups who have a history of violent hostility towards Western Civilization, unshackle small business, drill our own oil, protect the voting rights of American citizens by blocking illegal access to our franchise, end the involuntary servitude of laboring Americans to all who sneak into our land, end abortion after the first trimester, and turn the Tyrant in the White House back in to a president — to name a few places where Boehner has failed us.

The time has come for a Freedom Caucus speaker.

Respectfully,  Kerry –