On February 3rd, 2016, our American President addressed the American people, and all the illegal and foreign nationals he has permitted into our country. He delivered this speech from a Mosque at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

In italics, below, is a transcript of the opening remarks of President Obama’s speech.

To everyone here at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, thank you for welcoming me here today.  I want to thank Muslim Americans leaders from across this city and this state, and some who traveled even from out of state to be here.  I want to recognize Congressman John Sarbanes, who is here.  (Applause.)  As well as two other great leaders in Congress — and proud Muslim Americans — Congressman Keith Ellison from the great state of Minnesota — (applause) — and Congressman Andre Carson from the great state of Indiana.  (Applause.) 

This mosque, like so many in our country, is an all-American story.  You’ve been part of this city for nearly half a century. You serve thousands of families — some who’ve lived here for decades as well as immigrants from many countries who’ve worked to become proud American citizens.

Now, a lot of Americans have never visited a mosque.  To the folks watching this today who haven’t — think of your own church, or synagogue, or temple, and a mosque like this will be very familiar.  This is where families come to worship and express their love for God and each other.  There’s a school where teachers open young minds.  Kids play baseball and football and basketball — boys and girls — I hear they’re pretty good.  (Laughter.)  Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts meet, recite the Pledge of Allegiance here. 

With interfaith dialogue, you build bridges of understanding with other faith communities — Christians and Jews.

I’ll respond to the part in bold – the part where our president suggests that a mosque is just like a church or synagogue, implying that very similar messages are delivered from their pulpits and that the family activities of mosques would be very “familiar” to Christians and Jews.

And Obama is quite right. Obama is exactly right, well, except if the spiritual leader of the mosque advocates Sharia Law. Except for that. Because under Sharia Law, a family can have up to four mommies for every one daddy. Except for that. And that would mean that a kid might share his bedroom with, say, a whole bunch of half siblings, too . . . which isn’t exactly like the families in my church. And some of the mommies might be younger than some of the half siblings because under Sharia Law pedophilia is just another alternative lifestyle. A daddy can take a mommy as young as nine, just like one of The Prophet’s wives, which is a little deferent than the mommies in my church. But, other than that, I’m sure Muslim families are just like Christian ones.   Oh, and the mommies can’t drive, or refuse to marry the daddies, or leave the house without the daddies, or one or two other adult, male relatives. And the mommies have to cover themselves in a shroud before they leave with their male escorts, which is a little of different from the ladies in my church.

And, in a Mosque that observes Sharia Law, you might find yourself sitting next to a person who is missing a hand. Because, under Sharia Law, the penalty for stealing is amputation of a hand. Okay, that might be a little strange, at first.

And at Mosque youth group dances, there are no girls. Girls don’t date. Their fathers get to give their daughters to whomever they want, but only after their ninth birthday. So, there is that tiny difference. Mosque youth socials might be . . . not social.

And if the “preacher” in a Mosque believes in Sharia Law, he just might suggest you kill your neighbor.   But only if your neighbor is a non-Muslim.   This is a slight departure from the common message in Christian churches which is “Love your neighbor and treat him as you would like to be treated.” Christians definitely discourage murdering their neighbors. But, other than that I’m sure a mosque would feel very familiar to me – as a churchgoer.

Because, don’t you know, every time an Islamist goes off and slaughters another group of Christians or Jews, like in San Bernardino or at the Boston Marathon or in Paris or Israel, those Christian or Jewish people become a little suspicious and a little less trusting of Muslims. This hurts Muslim feelings, which might not seem as bad as what the Islamists terrorists do to Christians and Jews, but it really is. Sticks and stones may break your bones, swords may lop off your head, bombs may maim, but words really hurt!  Words. Ugly words. Suspicious thoughts, too.

It’s only right for our president to call out Christians and Jews for being impolite. Is it any wonder that he has a problem with Christians and Jews who conceal carry? As it is written, blessed are the sheepmakers – uh, peacemakers.

So now, thanks to Obama, we stand corrected.   There is no substantive difference between people of faith. Church, Mosque, Synagogue . . . polygamy, monogamy . . . child bride or adult . . . terrorist or Good Samaritan . . . The Golden Rule or Sharia Law . . . families are beautiful and all places of worship have a common worldview.

By the way, a majority of Muslims living within our borders would prefer Sharia Law to American Civil Law.

This infidel is feelin’ the love. And you?