As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am greatly encouraged by the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses – at least so far as the Republicans are concerned.

Ted Cruz, Dr. Carson, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum are all honorable, Christian men. Each enjoyed enthusiastic support from the Iowa Republicans on Monday.

Sadly, in my estimation, Marco Rubio disqualified himself from my support when he joined the “Gang of Eight” effectively throwing in with those who would disenfranchise me from having a voice in my own country and empowering those who would reject their duty to protect the lives of the people of this sovereign nation. Not a recoverable betrayal in my sight.

And Rick Santorum? Fair or not, his time has passed.

As for Donald Trump, I am appalled that the Queen Mother of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and the son of Jerry Falwell, would endorse one who makes such great boastings in Christ while bearing Him such meager fruit. You know better.

I understand “The Donald’s” appeal. All Americans have suffered loss of liberty under Obama. Those who have made an appeal for a return to liberty through the protections of the Constitution have been the objects of the naked contempt of Obama and his minions. We have been robbed through taxation. We have had our small businesses strangled through regulation. Some of us, like the owners of Hobby Lobby, have felt the full fury of the Federal Government in lawsuits. We have had our health deteriorate through Obamacare. We have been derided through media. Time and again we have had our Federal Government side with our attackers through their relentless assaults on our right to armed self-defense. We have endured radicalized Islamists resettled in our neighborhoods. And every time we have stood for Founding Principles, traitorous Republicans have looked on approvingly as the Obama Administration doubled down on us. Our outrage is well founded.

Donald Trump has been our Republican temper tantrum. He has been, to us, a great pressure valve. He has given a place for the enormous build-up of national steam to out. What citizen’s busted political jaw would not water at the words, “You’re fired” before the door slams behind an abusive Socialist tyrant and the members if his abominable administration?

But that’s the very thing. Socialists will be fired. The lavish parties and excessive vacations will stop. Valerie Jarrett will be made to vacate the White House. The Open and Closet Socialists currently running for President will be vanquished. The naive blunder of splitting the conservative voting bloc, that gave us the first Clinton, will be set right. The fraudulent conservatism of two Bushes will give way to authenticity. Our anger will subside. In fact, it started to subside on Monday, in Iowa. Republicans took a breath, took control of their emotions, and came together to soberly sift out the man best suited to address the great vulnerabilities left by unchecked Socialist tyrants.

Anger is a valid and useful emotion. But no one can live in a perpetual state of anger – no matter how well founded. The Iowa Caucuses marked the end of America’s temper tantrum and the beginning of serious, intellectual consideration of the fine men contending to lead Americans through the gathering storm.

Donald Trump, you’re not fired and you are not a loser. You’re not stupid and no one has taken advantage of you. You are a towering example of the American entrepreneurial spirit and the vision of man. You are a job-creating powerhouse and an gifted negotiator. You are one of America’s many shining sons. We just need a different skill set.

We need a president who can rediscover the wide place where 330 million individuals have the freedom to succeed or fail and try again, where a man gets to keep what he has earned, and share it with whomever he pleases or no one at all. We need a President who will restore personal responsibility to it’s proper place; a president who can lead us back to the life-giving waters of founding principals and the welcome shelter of one law for all citizens; a president who can return to the place where the most enduring constitution, and the most blessed people in modern history, began. We need a president who can unite our estranged American family and lead us home.

I whole-heartedly agree with the people of Iowa. The president we need is Ted Cruz.

But we also need to heal. For that, we sure could use the quite strength, wise restraint, keen intellect and skilled hands of Dr. Ben Carson. Progressivism has been described as “the cancer that’s killing America.” Who better to cut it out than a neurosurgeon? Who better to council our Commander-in-Chief than one who has done battle with death through untold hours – one individual at a time?

I would caution my countrymen to guard against the misperception of Dr. Carson’s quite bearing as weakness. Only courageous conviction could speak the truth to power that introduced this nation to Dr. Ben Carson.

United in faith and purpose, I believe Cruz and Carson would give us the best chance to overcome the global tempest that now rages against Liberty and all of her children.

If I could have one wish come true today, I would wish for Dr. Ben Carson to join the Cruz ticket, as VP, before South Carolina votes.

Star light

Star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may

I wish I might

Be in agreement with the Creator of the stars tonight.