Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman popularized a theory explaining why heroes behave heroically. He said, in essence, that there are three types of people: wolves, sheep and sheepdogs. He said sheepdog-types are characterized by such a deep empathy that they would rather die attempting to save a fellow human being than live with themselves after not having tried. Okay. That makes sense. Here’s the crazy part. When sheep-types feel unthreatened, they typically deprive the sheepdogs of the means by which they defend the sheep.

The institutionalization of sex slavery by ISIL has made me sharply aware of my vulnerability as a woman. It has also given me a corresponding appreciation of my Constitutional right to self-defense.

As the violence inflicted by The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant sends millions of Middle-Easterners flooding into Europe, I wonder how the sheep are liking their firearm restrictions now?   How are European women sleeping, these days?  How popular is the new Pope’s stand against the gun industry? Does Europe even have any sheepdogs left? Among Europeans, Switzerland alone, has maintained the means for civilians to protect themselves and their feminine population.

No. This American woman will not be deprived of her God-given right to keep and bear arms. Unlike Europeans, we don’t neuter our sheepdogs. We breed them.