How did we get trapped in a boxing ring on Groundhog Day?

Republicans pick their champion. Democrats pick their champion. But instead of a fair AND LAWFUL fight of ideas between our representatives in the political arena, the Democrat President beats his chest, declares all Republican are greedy bigots and jumps out of the ring to beat the crap out of the Republican fans. President Obama can’t bring himself to name his foreign enemies, but conservative Americans are very clear on the objects of his domestic wrath. He’s had eight years to put us on the ropes. Small businessman and members of the capable class who will work themselves into an early grave, even through the medical misery forced upon us through Obamacare, rather than suffer the dishonor of government handouts, know exactly how he feels about us. Yes. Many of us are still standing – bloodied, bruised, exhausted, against every one of his policies, we are still standing. We, who have laid a hold of our birthright as the heirs of liberty. We who know there is a higher Judge than the nine stewards of the Supreme Court. We who know who our president’s enemies are and why.   We, who stand, will stand against every Hitler, every Moa, every Stalin, every Sanders, every Obama, and every Clinton in every generation.

What we didn’t anticipate was the betrayal of our Republican representatives who were well pleased to let Obama policy brutalize us as long their beer kept flowing. Obama’s cruelty was no surprise. Republican betrayal was.

So today we choose a champion to interrupt the flow of refreshments to Republicans. We choose a champion to pull them up, out of their chairs, and let them know what it’s like to have the political crap beat out of ya.  We want someone to retaliate in kind. We the People, who have become bitter and mean.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” we chant, pumping our fists.

Countrymen, how much more can we take?

What we need, in government, is a fair and honest referee. What we need is a return to the rule of law. I don’t want to be in the ring anymore. I don’t want any American feeling the animosity of his president. I don’t want anymore lawless bullies. I’m aching all over for my country. I’m politically exhausted. Let’s unite under the beautiful banner of “all men are created equal.” Lets rest under the shelter of justice for all. Let’s close our borders until we’ve had time to heal. Let’s put this ugly era behind us and become brothers again.

The man we may want is Trump. The man we need is Cruz. He is our best hope for We The People to win.

Please, America, don’t vote out of anger. Super Tuesday is almost here. Please, give Ted Cruz a chance.